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Call for Application: Seed Funding for Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology Research

Dr. Li Dak-Sum Research Centre, HKU - KI Collaboration in Regenerative Medicine is now calling for application.

With the generous donation of Dr. Li Dak-Sum, the Council has approved at its February 24, 2015 meeting the establishment of the Dr. Li Dak-Sum Research Centre, The University of Hong Kong – Karolinska Institutet Collaboration in Regenerative Medicine (the 'Research Centre') as a sub-division of studies and learning. A strategic objective of the Research Centre is to develop and promote collaborative research between HKU and Karolinska Institutet (KI) in the area of stem cell & regenerative biology, by involving researchers from different Faculties within the University and possibly other institutions.

To tangibly support HKU-KI collaborative projects, three seed funding schemes have been established:

(i) Impactful Scheme (up to $3 million for 3 years per project; up to 2 projects);

(ii) Early Development Scheme (up to $0.5 million for 1 year per project; up to 2 projects); and

(iii) Sponsorship of Workshop (up to $0.5 million for per project).

All professoriate staff in the University may submit applications for the above schemes, and one of the co-investigators of each application must be from the KI. Please find the detailed information about the objectives, eligibility, application procedures and selection criteria for the above programmes as follows:

Download DOCX • 18KB

The application form template can be downloaded below:

Download D • 28KB

To enhance existing collaboration and nurture new collaboration, a workshop will be organized in August / September 2016 so as to line-up our HKU scientists with KI investigators. Further details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Applications can be submitted either before June 30, 2016 from teams with existing collaboration (Early round) or after the workshop before Dec 31, 2016 (Main round).

Would Deans/Heads kindly promulgate the contents of this circular to all relevant staff members in your Faculty/Department. Applications should be endorsed by the Head or Dean (for unitary Faculty), and submitted to Dr. Thomas Leon, Manager of the Research Centre. For enquiries, please contact Dr. Leon at 2831 5391 or

Professor P.K.H. Tam


Dr. Li Dak-Sum Research Centre,

The University of Hong Kong - Karolinska Institutet Collaboration in Regenerative Medicine


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