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Congratulations to Dr. Weiping Wang

Dr. Wang has been awarded the 2018 Nano Research Young Innovator Awards in Nanobiotech.

Many congratulations to Dr. Weiping Wang of Dr. Li Dak-Sum Research Centre for receiving the “Nano Research Young Innovator Awards in NanoBiotech 2018”. This competitive award is to honor individual young scientists, who have contributed significantly to nanoscience and nanotechnology research, in recognition of their distinguished accomplishments in the field. This year, the editors-in-chief, associate editors, representatives from the Nano Research journal, Tsinghua University Press and Springer Nature have awarded 45 rising stars under 45 in the nanobiotechnology field, in which Dr. Wang is one of those.

Dr. Wang received his PhD in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, under Professor Ying Chau in 2011; he had Postdoctoral research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (supervised by Professor Robert Langer) and Harvard Medical School (supervised by Professor Daniel Kohane) in 2012-2016. His lab has been proven to be a multidisciplinary research group focusing on molecular engineering, photomedicine, targeted drug delivery and genome editing. Currently, his key research areas include (i) engineering stimuli-responsive nanomaterials for drug delivery; (ii) ocular drug delivery; (iii) engineering genetic systems (CRISPR/Cas9) in stem cells or for disease treatment; and (iv) regulating autophagy for cancer therapy or Alzheimer’s treatment.


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